If it wasn’t for Black Friday, there’d be a whole lot of poor people without computers, a whole lot of kids without Christmas presents, a whole lot of class shame in general because in order to keep up with the middle class, the lower class & the junkie class has to save all year to buy the nice shit, the big TV, the video game system, the cellphone, the sofa bed, the shoes without the holes. Just to pass. It grosses me out when it’s like, shitty manarchists who talk the most shit on Black Friday because now that they aren’t living at home where that shit was all taken for granted they can act all high-and-mighty and over it, and type shit like ‘I don’t even own a TV’ from their $1500 Macbook. Let the poor people get their $200 PCs however they can. Let em use them at school, let em use them at home on Facebook the same way you do. Let people watch a fucking TV if they want to. Do you even have any idea WHO you are criticizing? Shut the fuck up about Black Friday and let broke people have some of what you have.
edit: Wow, I sure do curse a lot.

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this extends to more than just the black friday issue but i wanna add, fuck people who think poor parents shouldn’t buy their kids video games/ipads/whatever the fuck if they want. i can’t really put into words what gets me so mad about that but, god, it kills me.

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I’m not American so I don’t know all that much about Black Friday, but I can still totally see where this post is coming from because it reminds me so much of all the Constervative dickwaffles who criticise people on benefits for buying TVs. ://

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